Tools of the Trade

I’ve decided to take some much needed “me” time to work on a few esoteric items. I’ve long had a passion for tools. To work a plank of oak with a well crafted plane, to me, is relaxing. The end result, usually a thinner plank of oak, creates a sense of accomplishment that cannot be similarly obtained using the newer, steam-powered implements. Please do not misunderstand me, as steam is good, but to acheive a result with ones own hands is invigorating.

 To that end, I have spent my time creating the tools with which I can build all my other contraptions. To start, one needs a surface suitable for the task. I’ve taken my previous basic workbench, thus far in hickory, as it is to me the most appealing, and have added a shoulder vise. The vise had been sorely missing as I’ve had to resort to items such as bubble gum to hold my work in place, but no more!

Of course, a craftsman I would not be without the tools of the trade. I now have a splendid array including a ball-peen hammer, a beautiful wood plane, a rubber mallet, several wrenches and a wooden handscrew clamp. Please, no snickering. And to store them, I have assembled a wonderful, new, wall-mounted tool cabinet. With double doors and brass hinges, it keeps the tools out of harms way. Plus, it looks smart, crafted from mahogany and maple. Although the hinges do work currently, shipping is a bit of a problem, so I must figure out how to package the unit as one piece while keeping both doors functional.

Workbench with Tools in Case

The other day, I made a few modifications to my sailboat. Previously, it allowed for but one person. That limitation has, theoretically, been lifted. Besides the captain, three passengers can risk a watery death, er, umm . . . have a wonderful sailing experience. The seats have not been tested, but that will come shortly. The seats do, I must add, need some slight adjustment as the photograph shows.

Me in my, as yet, unnamed sailboat             

That or my anatomy had undergone some startling changes. Luckily those changes were not permanent.

 Well, that is all for now. As always, I remain



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