Shameless Plug

Come one, come all to the home of Writer Steam Works in Caledon SteamSkyCity ( The selection is small presently, but prey with luck and perseverance, shall be grand indeed quite soon. We have workbenches, desks (ok, one desk right now), easels in various woods and trimmings and a rather quaint pair of steampunk goggles. Whilst visiting, please feel free to look about. As time permits, I will put out new items for display or sale.

I’ve just placed my new scripted mailbox in front of the building. It is currently in pre-pre-Alpha testing, thus may not always work as advertised. If you like what you see, wish to ask me a question, have a special request or just would like to say “Hello,” please drop a notecard in the mailbox and (fingers crossed both neatly and tightly) it will arrive at my server in my lab (alas, several thousand metres away).

I have found, as I am sure have many before me, that scripting in Second Life is an enjoyable pastime. I have programmed a great deal in the past, but have been away from the craft for a while. As the gears once again begin to turn in my ample cranium, I am beginning to get the lust for it once more. Hence my newest venture: Newbetek. While Writer Steam Works produces items of a more steampunky aesthetic, Newbetek will create items that are more modern or perhaps even futuristic. I am currently working on a scripted, networked, parcel music changing device. More news as it develops.

I am currently working to finish the build of two prefab homes. The first is a Victorian house of simple proportion designed to fit nicely on a 1000m lot. The second is a modular skybox, that with suitable decoration, could match the design sensibilities of those with a Victorian, post-modern or even caveman bent. At present, I am finishing a class in RL working toward a degree and am working full time, thus architectural ventures lag somewhat behind.

 ’til next time, I remain



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