A Thought Just Occurred to Me

At times, I feel a random thought popping into my cranium might feel rather lonely, but alas this particular one has me intrigued. I strayed into the office lunch room to purchase a non-sugar sweetened, brown cola beverage (no product placement here!) from a vending contraption and said “Hi” to the sole occupant of said room: a gentleman a few years my senior, well spoken with a traditional, dry, British wit.It was then that I had the thought. I knew it to be a thought because I have had one or two prior and this just seemed to be similar enough to be classified as such. A few people in my workplace know of my interest in Second Life, but what if there are others similarly inclined of which I am as yet unaware? Could it be that there are others from in-world lurking about in my first life?

Of course, I cannot claim to own the portion of my first life in which they exist. Existentialisticly speaking, I cannot truly say that I even have a first life, let alone a second. Perhaps I am merely a brain in a vat on some mad scientist’s shelf and my first life is but a figment of an overactive, though highly medicated, imagination, Would that not mean then that my first life is a virtual world and that Second Life is perhaps extra-virtual?

                            Brain in a Jar

With that bit of silliness out of the way, it would be interesting to know who, if anyone, from my first life also has a presence in-world. It would appear that none of my closest acquaintances have delved into virtuality. Perhaps they have, but none care to admit such deviant behavior. Well, I admit it. I enjoy the escape from reality. I enjoy the ability to be creative by building something. I enjoy programming something that someone, somewhere (hopefully) will find either interesting or useful. And I enjoy meeting people from all reaches of the globe, from all different cultures and societies, all coming together to share their experiences and creative inspiration, building friendships along the way.

Yes, perhaps it is silly to become so enthralled by a virtual world when the real world remains so vast and unexplored (by me, at least). Never the less, it allows me to meet those with whom contact may never have happened in real life. Unless, of course, we all work at the same place and we’ve just said “Hi” in the office lunch room.



One thought on “A Thought Just Occurred to Me

  1. “I knew it to be a thought because I have had one or two prior and this just seemed to be similar enough to be classified as such.”

    — that gave me a good chuckle, Mr. Writer! Good luck in your endeavours.

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