Simple Things Amuse Simple Minds

A common phrase when I was younger was “Simple things amuse simple minds.” Oh, how true it is. When I first entered my Second Life, I was impressed by the visuals. Yes, they seem somewhat dated yet the depth of content was exciting. But then things changed . . .

I now know how an infant feels when a parent dangles a set of keys a foot above its head. I’ve discovered shiny. The default when I installed the Second Life client was to have shiny and bump mapping disabled. One day, I decided to see what things would look like with the option turned on. I was like a kid in a candy store. Objects that had seemed so bland suddenly popped with life! There could be no turning back.

I had expected the world to come to a standstill. My system is about 4 years old and not the fastest, although it was remarkably fast in its time. If there has been a performance hit, it is very minor and quite tolerable. Now my replica of a Victorian telescope located in the observatory at the top of my building in Steam Sky City looks simply resplendent. Well, to me at least. And the plumbing for the steam boiler brings a smile to my haggard face at every glance. I might even prim up my media changer (from Newbetek . . . shameless plug) with gold-coloured feet.

Last night, much to the dismay of my real-life fiancée, I successfully created a script for my media changer. I must admit that I am somewhat rusty as a programmer. Although I’ve been programming for more than a quarter century, I haven’t been as active at the task as I have in the past. Other pursuits have taken priority, but I am quite enthused at the prospect of developing small, useful scripts for my contraptions. I just wish I could focus on one or two of the ideas that keep popping into my cranium.

Kind folk, I must be off for the day. Real life beckons.


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