A Task Yet Incomplete

Although new to SL, I’ve begun to dabble in creating content. My first goal was to produce simple paintings for sale to help fund the cost of producing simple paintings for sale. This, of course, required a place to do the aforementioned producing of simple paintings and a place to do the aforementioned selling of simple paintings and thus began the chase.

On my first day (or second . . . it is rather a blur now), I searched for places with names with which I was familiar. I found Caledon. Within moments of teleporting to Caledon, I knew I found the place for me. Victorian steampunk with a wonderful mix of residential, commercial and public places to tantalize the senses. Soon afterward, a current citizen, JJ Drinkwater pointed me in the correct direction to inquire about becoming a member of Caledon, to which I am thoroughly grateful.

After sending Mr. Desmond Shang, the Guv’nah of the Independent State of Caledon, a notecard explaining my interest, I was offered citizenship, which I gratefully accepted. As well, he kindly added me to the waiting list for his next sim within the Caledon world. Little did I know the nature of the sim would be very, very steampunky!

Well, back to my story . . .

I began to travel the world with the hope that I would soon have my own plot in Caledon. I decided that, for the short term, I would need some other parcel of land. Somewhere was a plot with my name on it. Well, truth be told, it did not yet have my name upon it as I had not yet bought it, nor had I yet found it.

Being new to SL, traveling had it’s own trials and tribulations. Although I had read of the user-hostile environment, my only problem was accepting that lag is normal. Perhaps having used computers both professionally and recreationally for the previous twenty seven years has given me an edge in adapting to new environments, but the client isn’t that painful as long as you allow yourself to occasionally look silly. Silly indeed as at one point, my persona had undergone an impromptu gender reassignment. A quick reboot returned all the parts to their requisite places and removed those to which I was not accustomed to adorning.

Before we go any further, I must say that land prices seem to be set by pulling a price tag out of a conveniently located fedora. Perhaps ale helps the pricing process.

During my travels, I found a terrific orientation developed by Xerses Goff. It is clear that he has invested much time and effort, as it gives the new resident a lesson into the use of the environment whilst showing much of what SL has to offer. My hat is off to this gentleman for his fine work.

As luck would have it, not far from Xerxes’ training facility were a couple modest plots of land that were available for purchase. After many calculations and much scratching of the cranium, I took the plunge and became a virtual landowner. Up went Newbe’s Skylab. Not pretty, but functional. I must thank those that have given their basic homes for free for the new resident. The Skylab was based upon one such design and gave me the opportunity to hone my building skills. Although cumbersome, building within SL has given me an outlet for my odd form of creativity.

I find I enjoy creating buildings in SL. Perhaps my experiences have unleashed a formerly latent masochistic tendency, but only time shall tell. I can’t say that I have a talent as such, but perhaps I will at least develop a skill sufficient to hide my lack of talent.

Soon after building within my Skylab, I built the new gallery. It began as an imposing, three-story structure vaguely reminiscent of an Edwardian office building, at least that’s how I see it. Thus the name of the plot is now Newbe’s Classic Art & Maps. Sadly, after finishing the structure and adding several paintings, including a large collection of Monet on the second floor, I realized the hindering force within SL: prim allocation. As one can only create as many prims in a region as are allocated to the plots one owns, it became quickly apparent that I would need additional space.

Just barely attached to my plot was another that was for sale. It was in a horrendous location, but was large enough to provide me with enough prims with which to build to my heart’s content. It became mine and up went the shop. An even more imposing structure made of brick, steel and glass, but it has the nicest grass-covered roof overlooking the lake in Janus/Atlas/Pandora/etc. The trees, I think you will agree, although surprising in stature for a rooftop, add just the right ambiance.

Finally, I had a place to produce simple paintings for sale to help fund the cost of producing simple paintings for sale. We shall see if this venture is successful, but if not, I have a wonderful, large shop in which to design and build my contraptions and buildings. Oh, and I have a park just in front of the gallery. Not very pretty, but roomy.


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