Welcome one and all

Hurrah! It has happened!

After a brief period of wait, I now have a domicile within the Independent State of Caledon. Writer Steam Works (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Caledon%20SteamSkyCity/217/89/22/) has been erected (please, no chuckling) on my fresh new plot in the wonderous Steam Sky City. Soon to be the home of my more esoteric contraptions, it also has a grassy rooftop with an ocean view. Really quite splendid, if I may be so bold. It can be best found by walking directly east after teleporting into the sim and dropping into the water below. Once you recover your senses and emerge from the ocean, you should find the place roughly ahead sticking out like a sore thumb. Perhaps better described as a big pile of bricks.

 In time, I hope to add to the accoutrements, as it is yet quite spartan. Save for a steam boiler in back and a simple replica of a Victorian telescope on the roof, walls are but the only decoration.


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